24 - 25 June 2017

Family Weekend

Celebrations for the family weekend were held in the Yurt on Saturday and Sunday. Family members gathered, happy to see one another and catch up. The atmosphere was relaxed as introductions were made, and talks given on what the families' sons and daughters had achieved over the year i.e hillwalking, cycling and the extension of the Poetry Path. 


The 24th June in the Christian calendar is more commonly known as St John's Day. A marker of the life of John the Baptist to "prepare ye the way of the Lord". Martin read from Luke and gave a short talk about taking time to reflect, getting rid of the old in preparation for the new. The metaphorical took the form of a literal lighting of a huge bonfire which quickly burned up the discarded pieces of wood and old furntiture. It was a touching moment to observe sons and daughters with their families connecting with one another as the fire blazed. 


The afternoon was spent singing songs and listening to recitals of poetry by Jon Plunkett, Christopher Conlan and Hector MacMillan followed by a BBQ prepared by the community. The day ended with locally picked strawberries and icecream, shared together on the grass. A proper 'family affair'!