At the heart of every Camphill community is a celebration of a wide range of festivals throughout the year.

In this section you will find information about each festival, with recent updates to keep you informed of what's happening here at Corbenic.

24–26 May 2016

New Lanark Conference

This year saw the 7th Bi-annual New Lanark Conference. The theme for the conference was Community Building and Social Renewal, Shaping our World through Self Expression. 20 people from Corbenic attended. This was a great opportunity for some who have been before to reconnect with old friends and also for those who have never been to meet people from other Camphills.

28 March 2016

Easter Outing

Easter outing

Every year the whole community goes out together for the annual Easter Monday outing. Normally this would be to the beach. However, this year we decided to go to the park in Crieff.

Even though it was a little bit chilly, it was lovely and dry and everyone could enjoy their picnic and games in this beautiful park.

21–27 March 2016

Holy Week

Corbenic's Holy week celebration starts the week running up to Good Friday. This week is always marked with a different Tableau Vivant everyday.


06 January 2016

Three Kings Day