5 June 2017


Whitsun, or 'White Sunday' is the 7th Sunday after Easter, the day of Pentecost telling the story of the Holy Spirit's appearance to the Apostles. The Biblical account tells how they were gathered to celebrate the Jewish Harvest Festival and began to speak in Foreign Languages.

Here at Corbenic, we have lots of volunteers from all over the world, speaking many 'foreign' languages. To celebrate Whitsun, we have 'International Day'. It's a time to share our culture, our food, our language, what makes us individual and yet unites us as we live and work together with a shared purpose, under the greater 'Camphill Community umbrella'. 

A passage from John was read, first in English and then in 28 other languages, a veritable mix of unfamiliar tongues, a bit like Pentecost! It was a moving experience to have such diversity in one room. 

'In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God'........ (John 1 v 1-5)





We shared dishes from all over the world. What a feast! There were 16 different acts performing; singing, dancing, poetry readings in native tongues, stories and lots of smiling and laughter.