6 January 2018

Three Kings Celebration

Hugo Erbe (1885-1965) created the Three Kings Preparation as a result of his work as a biodynamic farmer in Germany. It was after the boming of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 that he experienced a deep wound inflicted on the earth and in order to restore healing, he developed a preparation made from the gifts of the Three Kings. 

Gold the symbol of wisdom, growth of the physical body

Frankincense representing spiritual intuition, sacramental offering and development of the harmonious soul

Myrrah the symbol of dying, the earthly in order that the higher may come to life and enhancement of spiritual development


All three are ground together for one hour to form a paste which is then added to warm water. The stiring process represents restoring the elemental forces back into the water which is then sprayed around the boundary in an outward direction to act as protection. These three holy substances can serve as gifts to the earth and the elemental world. Amongst the chaos of the festive season of consumption, gift giving etc, it's good to pause and give thanks to the land and our environment for sustaining us throughout the year. 

What a beautiful end to the day, with the sun setting on the newly fallen snow and a poignant beginning to the New Year.