7 Nov 2018

Neighbourhood Gathering

Corbenic hosted a special day for our Scottish neighbouring communities; Blair Drummond, Cairnlee, Beannachar, Milltown, Loch Arthur, Garvald, Newton Dee and Tiphereth. It was a morning of workshops to choose from. Poetry, lead by Jon Plunkett, music by Clare Hewitt and craft by Monica Hand. Creativity was flowing from all accounts and by lunchtime, the united efforts of everyone was strong enough to lay a solid foundation. There was time after a hearty lunch for any additional flourishes to be added before the afternoon's performance.  


The stage opened with Clare's group singing an Ashanti Greeting with percussive instruments and banging drums.

Jon's group worked words and lines into a wonderful poem which was read out by each participant in turn.


The mask makers danced their way onto the stage to the sound of a beating drum. The colourful display of painted designs adorned with feathers and crepe paper was a feast for the eyes. The singing continued with some moving solos and the afternoon ended with a special celebration for two of our residents who came to Corbenic 20 years ago. Sarah and Louise, twin sisters graced the stage with bows and smiles. They were presented with beautiful bouquets of flowers to mark the occasion. 


31 Oct 2018


The spooky fun began with a Scary Walk through one of the houses. Beware signs, spiders and cobwebs lined the entrance as we were guided through the passageway. It weaved it's way past faceless zombie types and scary witches all subtly lit for effect.Then it was a walk in the dark to the main hall for a party. 


There were creative costumes, some back-combed hair and painted faces, but more importantly, there was an energy and an infectious enthusiasm to get stuck in and have a great night. 



26 Oct 2018

Deputy First Minister Visit

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills paid a visit to Corbenic today to unveil the new Estate and Craft scuptural bench. Cultural funding was awarded by Perth and Kinross council and the relevant workshops got creatively busy. Pebbles from the Braan river were painted, wood from Corbenic was used for the seating and huge slabs of stone were erected and inlaid with the painted stones to reflect the course of the river that sustains our own and all local communities. 


Mr Swinney was warmly welcomed and after the cutting of the ribbon, an unconventional willow branch with loppers, he addressed the gathering;

"Corbenic Camphill Community is a Perthshire institution, which has enriched the lives of countless individuals for four decades. It is an organisation centred around faith, dignity and respect, which aims to nurture the individuality and talent of all those living within the community. I am delighted to be able to offer my support to such a worthwhile organisation and for the opportunity to view their Poetry Path, which has been recieving overwhelming positive reviews". 

12 October 2018

SNP Visit

Pete Wishart a Scottish National Party politician who has served as an MP for Perth and North Perthshire since 2005 came for a visit to Corbenic. The primary purpose was to discuss the effects Brexit would appear to be having on volunteers who apply from the EU and other non EU countries and the difficulties they face securing visas. 

For over 40 years, we have welcomed international volunteers to live and share life in our community for up to twelve months, participating in our Christian celebrations and recreational life, joining artistic and land based activities alongside residents and support staff, offering encouragement and friendship, and also bringing enthusiasm and diversity. 

They are vital to the rhythm of the very special nature of the quality of life that Camphill communities provide to the individual with special needs. We have a strong commitment to meaningful work and responsibility. We care for each other in an environment surrounded by friends, and enjoy the support of volunteers living within the same community.

Given our dependence on international volunteers and ease of movement across national boundaries we are now suffering from the combined effects of Brexit and of the increased levels of refusal in Tier 5 Charity Worker Visa applications. Together, these developments profoundly threaten Camphill as an international movement and our capacity to deliver the care and support services we provide. 






Left to right

Lasse Hochfield (German co-worker), Raquel Alves (Brazilian Co-worker), Pete Wishart (SNP), Betty Stolk (Community Development Manager), Jane Brooks (Volunteer Co-ordinator), Robert McGeachy (Policy & Engagement Manager), Maria Costa (Brazilian co-worker), Juyoung Yoon (South Korean co-worker)

27 September 2018

Michaelmas Harvesting

The celebrations kicked off in the garden with some community singing before secateurs, gloves and containers were distributed to gather in the year's crop. It was a beautiful sunny Autumn day for picking the fruits and vegetables, biodynamically grown as part of the Garden Workshop. The harvest bounty was laid out, alive with colour and textures, evidence of a great summer; a perfect moment to offer our thanks to the earth for all it's provision. 


Kite Making

In the afternoon, two kite-makers joined the community to facilitate a workshop. Everyone got busy sticking and decorating their kites with the plan to fly them after the Harvest Meal the next day. The weather conditions were perfect, the fresh air welcomed after the wonderful Harvest feast in the Hall. 


Harvest Meal 

Everyone gathered in the Hall on Friday 28th September for the Harvest Meal that consisted of the fruits and vegetables gathered the day before. The meal was interspersed with traditional songs, a poem and a reading in celebration of Saint Michael.


27 July 2018

Summer Party 

Some pictures from the co-worker annual party.


This is a great opportunity to say thanks for all the hard work and dedication the co-workers show throughout their time at Corbenic. It's lovely to chat together over food and refreshments, enjoy a dance and 'let your hair down'. 


10 May 2018

Ascension Day

To celebrate Ascension Day, the whole community boarded the coach to Pitlochry and climbed a hill, part of the Rob Roy Way. As in previous years, the weather was dry and everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the picnic lunch at the top. 



19 May 2018

Royal Wedding Tea Party



If you're a fan of the Royals then you'll probaby have made a huge effort to watch the young couple tie the knot. Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne took Meghan Markle's hand in marriage on what turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. Here at Corbenic, there was a flurry of excitement; going to Dunkeld to watch the ceremony on a big screen followed by a very civilised tea-party on the lawn outside Cottage. One of our British co-workers whipped up a stunning, 2 tiered cake, decorated with the traditional blue and red of the British flag. There were oohs and aahs as Meghan walked down the aisle and best wishes to the young couple. Congratulations!


21 May 2018

International Day/Whitsun

Our annual Whitsun celebration took place with a reading from the bible in different languages followed by a feast of traditional dishes from all over the world. It was a beautiful evening, and everyone gathered outside to share in the diversity that makes this such a special day. 

The meal was followed by performances from different groups; Scottish, Northern Irish, Hungarian to name a few. It was such a great night of laughter, dance routines, music, jokes and general light-heartedness. It's lovely to see others step out of their roles here at Corbenic to do something entirely different, showcasing the hidden talents not usually on display. A very impressive bunch of folks I'd say. 







26 March - 2nd April 2018

Holy Week

Palm Sunday

It's the Sunday before Easter Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week. The Corbenic Community commence this special week with a boundary walk, marking the territory with crosses topped with bread shaped roosters, a tradition from the Netherlands. The procession meandering along the Poetry Path could be likened to the crowd that gathered to lay palm branches, a symbol of triumph and victory on the ground in anticipation of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. 


Easter Egg Hunt

The annual egg hunt and rolling was blessed with good weather, and everyone assembled at 4pm to commence the search for their hidden chocolate prize. It's a day when families join and over 100 eggs are shared out amongst those who join in the fun. We even had a guest appearance from the Easter Bunny!

13 February 2018


This year's theme was 'Space' which allowed for very creative costumes; aliens, Darth Vader, astronauts and strange creatures with antennae. Tin foil, paper mache, cardboard tubes and boxes were glued, cut, painted and assembled. The hall was decorated with planets, moons, shooting stars and aliens which glimmered in the rotating lights, illuminating smiling painted faces. 


Elton John's Rocket Man, Bowie's Space Oddity and Lou Reed's Satellite of Love were amongst some of the songs that everyone bopped along to. I believe the dancing carried on into the wee galactic hours of the night! It's fair to say that everyone had a 'blast'.