13 February 2018


This year's theme was 'Space' which allowed for very creative costumes; aliens, Darth Vader, astronauts and strange creatures with antennae. Tin foil, paper mache, cardboard tubes and boxes were glued, cut, painted and assembled. The hall was decorated with planets, moons, shooting stars and aliens which glimmered in the rotating lights, illuminating smiling painted faces. 


Elton John's Rocket Man, Bowie's Space Oddity and Lou Reed's Satellite of Love were amongst some of the songs that everyone bopped along to. I believe the dancing carried on into the wee galactic hours of the night! It's fair to say that everyone had a 'blast'. 




13 February 2018

Shrove Tuesday

It's tradition at Corbenic to have a pancake race outside every year to mark the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. This year, the snow fall dictated a change of venue and so pancake tossing was the substitute game in the Main Hall. There's a knack to flipping pancakes that everyone seemed to master, some taking full advantage of the high ceilings before skilfully catching it again in their frying pans. 


Thanks to Thomas for cooking up the pancakes and to everyone for their efforts and good sense of humour - what a giggle!  



2 February 2018


The Christian festival of lights marks the midpoint of winter, halfway between the shortest day and the Spring Eqinox.

The community gathered for a celebration in the hall followed by the lighting of the candles which had been poured into holes in the ground that morning. 

Seeing the snowdrops poking through the wet soil is always a welcome sight, the hope of longer days and warmer weather!


9 February 2018

Corbenic's Got Talent


....it certainly does.   The staff, co-workers and residents took to the stage to showcase their balancing, singing, playing and mimicking skills in front of an expectant audience and 3 judges. Hidden skills came to the fore, a wonderful surprise at how varied the talents here at Corbenic are.  


The three judges certainly had their work cut out deciding who would be worthy of the CGT title. Dani, the house co-ordinator of Mullach, swung the vote in the end with his singing and guitar skills, but to quote Hot Chocolate...."everyone's a winner...that's the truth". 


25 February 2018

Burn's Supper

Everyone gathered in the decked out hall awaiting the arrival of the ceremonial Haggis, a traditional Scottish dish celebrated by Robert Burns in 'Address to the Haggis'. Our new piper took the lead, followed closely by Mark our Haggis bearer. It was a moving moment with the sound of the haunting pipes echoing through the corridors. Martin, master of ceremonies opened the evening and the feasting commenced. Poems were recited, songs were sung and the evening ended with a standing rendition of Auld Lang Syne.