The Estate Team engages in a diverse range of activities entailed in managing the estates woodlands, paths, roads, and firewood. These tasks include the making of new paths (such as the Corbenic Poetry path) planting trees, clearing storm blown trees and chopping firewood to supply the community's many hearths. The team also get called upon to help with all sorts of tasks that you would never dream to come under the remit of an Estate Team!

The Estate Team enjoy working in the farthest corners of the estate and have come to know and care for the land very closely.

April 2017

New Seating Area

One of the great things about Corbenic is the stunning scenery, so the Estate team thought, 'why don't we make a focal point with a seating area and a fence to allow a moment to relax, breathe and take in some of that beauty.

They used locally grown wood, locally 'grown' talent and set about it. 

It was indeed a team effort and the results, well I have to say, they've certainly carved out a little pocket of senerity that's worth seeking out.