Corbenic in landscape

Corbenic Camphill Community is situated in beautiful Strathbraan, four miles from the town of Dunkeld, and twenty miles from the city of Perth. The Community was established in June 1978 and is registered with the Care Inspectorate. Over the years it has developed into a community of approximately 100 people, 38 of whom are adults with special needs. Set in 100 acres of land, it is made up of six households and a variety of workshops.

Daily Life

In Corbenic we live on the basis of a shared life. In this setting mutual respect and concern for the dignity of each person are actively fostered through ensuring a stable and secure home and work environment. Individuals are encouraged to contribute as much as possible to the life of the Community. Residents live and work side by side with voluntary co-workers and employed staff.

At Corbenic, work is seen as an important part of people's lives. This helps to develop people's full potential and bring out their sense of responsibility and dignity.

Our work at Corbenic promotes the development of skills through various workshops. Where appropriate, residents are encouraged to pursue work and learning opportunities outwith the Community.

Social and Cultural Life

Attention is paid to ensure that a person's working life is closely linked with his or her personal development. There are a wide range of Therapeutic activities activities available for residents to take part in.

In addition to these there are a wide range of Community activities through the week and bigger Festival events throughout the year. 

Spiritual life at Corbenic is fostered through Sunday Services in the Community, Church attendance in Dunkeld, Bible evenings and the Celebration of Christian festivals through the year.

The Camphill Movement

Corbenic is part of the International Camphill Movement for social renewal through community living. In over 100 Camphill schools, training centres and villages world-wide, children, adolescents and adults in need of special care live and work together.

In all Camphills, life is shared on an extended family basis, building communities that uphold in each individual a sense of integrity, dignity and worth.

Poetry Path

Corbenic estate team have been working hard over a few years to create a path that meanders through the woodland, moorland and farmland that comprises the Corbenic Estate. Along this path more than thirty poems have been been burned into wood, etched in glass and encased in resin, carved into stone and installed at strategic points along the way. Most of Corbenic have been involved in some way or other and we are very happy now to invite you to come and experience the path for yourself.

Many people have already come from far and wide to visit, and feedback suggests that it is a very positive and unique experience. Many of the poets involved have also visited and performed along the path at live events. Some of their comments are included below.

Poetry Path

"Poetry brings together the inner and outer landscape and expresses them in words; Corbenic brings those words back into the landscape. This witty, thoughtful and engaging initiative quite literally puts Scottish poetry back on the map" – John Glenday

"A magical and inspiring place where people, poetry and lanscape meet" – Andy Jackson

"Poems in the landscape: beautiful, simple and heart-changing" – Kenneth Steven

The path is open all year round and is free! For more information please see

Poetry Path – Walking the Path

Poets at the Opening

Poetry Path – Another View